Preview of the Final Version of Miuni32 PCB!

New – Miuni32 Open GB  Revision
Old – Miuni32 OA Revision

Here is the near final version of the Miuni32 brought to you by yours truly Adam, a.k.a Bigtuna. This has been slowly but surely coming for a way long time! It has been an absolute pleasure thus far and can’t wait to get the final version of the PCB out the door into the hands of all the mechanical keyboard enthusiast like me.

From the OA revision version, this Open GB version has a few changes:

  • 10 more RGBS
  • Through-hole USB port for better mechanical security
  • 2 extra mounting holes
  • M2 mounting hole size

Here is the render:

New – Miuni32 Open GB Revision Rendered with Components

Not much changes. Just a little improvement :).

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