Miuni32-OA PCBs delivered!

Alright, I am typing this with the first released version of Miuni32. Even though Miuni32 is a minimalist 30% keyboard, it took a good amount of effort and time. It also required patience and persistence.

My beta testers, I call them the OAs, and as well as the rest of the mechanical keyboard community have pointed out many of improvements on the design of the PCB through a few iterations these past months of the year 2017. There is no way I would have spotted the short-comings of the initial design of Miuni32 without the keen eyes of the OAs. I will write a separate post for the changes.

They also kept me motivated. I realized designing a piece of PCB was easy, and arguably very fun. The rest of stuff – ordering parts, keeping track of parts, handling shipping and deliveries, processing payments, and other administrative tasks – took a bunch of time and patience. I kept on marching because I was not alone.

Perhaps the most surprising part was that not one OA dropped out. It has been nearly four months since we became a team. We have been fairly well engaged the whole time. You see, I was a little shy of getting Miuni32 out to the world. I was not sure if it will have any sort of acceptance. And it is definitely a great assurance that all my OAs have stuck together. I truly appreciate them.

There has been very little updates on the surface for the past 2 months. Most of the activities happen in the r/miuni32, Github and on our private Discord channel. So I owe the world an update. It is my wish to write more often on the subtle details around this project. So please stay tuned :).




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