Quick Update on the First Batch of Beta GB

Hello everyone! I have been getting inquiries about the selection process for the first batch of eligible participants of the beta version of Miuni 32 PCBs a lot in my inbox.

While I try to answer all the questions I receive, I won’t be announcing the list of eligible participants until after the January 20th, which is the last day to submit the survey I included in the newsletters! To give everyone a fair chance, I will withhold myself from making decisions until then. This process is necessary because I can’t complete this project alone. I need your expertise in the areas I am not. This means pretty much all aspects of the project except for the PCB design and firmware writing (truthfully, I need your help on that too) :). I have included these areas in the first newsletterI hope to connect with you to be partners in this endeavor!

I am likely to send a follow-up survey or emails once I receive all the responses. So it will take me another a week or so to officially announce the list.

That said, I tremendously appreciate everyone who have signed up thus far. I would like to stay engaged with you all. So please help this project by responding to the survey, and also polls that you will be receiving. Your feedback is extremely important.

Thanks, and feel free to contact me anytime!

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